Header Art - Land Acquisition and Planning

Land Conservation Staff Contacts

This team oversees State Land Acquisition, Rural Legacy, CREP easements, Federal Grants, DGS/BPW Relations

Stacy Schaefer, Associate Director Land Conservation
sschaefer@dnr.state.md.us 410-260-8431

Nina White, Program Administrator

nwhite@dnr.state.md.us 410-260-8424

Regional Program Responsibilities

Program Open Space- Stateside Land Acquisition:

Eastern Land Conservation - Tim Brower
tbrower@dnr.state.md.us  410-713-3853

Western Land Conservation - John Braskey
jbraskey@dnr.state.md.us 301- 777-2030

Southern Land Conservation - Tom McCarthy
tmccarthy@dnr.state.md.us  410-260-8429

Central Land Conservation - Shawn Clotworthy
sclotworthy@dnr.state.md.us  410-260-8421

Rural Legacy Program and CREP Easements:

Eastern and Southern Maryland -Tom McCarthy
tmccarthy@dnr.state.md.us  410-260-8429

Central and Western Maryland - Shawn Clotworthy
sclotworthy@dnr.state.md.us  410-260-8421

Federal Grants:

Statewide - Tom McCarthy

tmccarthy@dnr.state.md.us  410-260-8429