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Garrett County Wildland Candidate Areas

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Garrett Potomac State Forest Backbone Mountain   1637 New Old Growth Forest; highest ridge in MD; habitat for 27 rare species; Crabtree Creek has the highest brook trout density
Garrett Youghiogheny Youghiogheny Corridor   3,993 New MD's only "Wild" river; a high ecologically intact watershed; habitat for 26 rare species, including the green salamander and the hellbender, the largest salamander in North America
Garrett Savage River SF Middle Fork Middle Fork Wildland 840 Expansion a large number of different forest associations, including old growth; excellent FIDS habitat; habitat for an endangered butterfly & threatened plant; watershed supports a population of reproducing brook trout
Garrett Savage River SF Maple Lick Run   582 New a very remote & isolated area; extensive stand of Old Growth forest; thriving brook trout population; habitat for rare dragonfly & a rare plant-southern pygmy clubtail; a diverse salamander community
Garrett Savage River SF Puzzley Run   494 New an area of diverse forest & herbaceous communities; habitat for several rare plants, including the purple-fringed orchid, the American bugbane & the rose twisted stalk; aquatic habitat supports brook trout & several rare dragonflies
Garrett Savage River SF Savage Ravines Savage Ravines Wildland 389 Expansion a minimally disturbed watershed; steep & rugged; habitate for 8 rare plants & 11 rare animals; reproducing brook trout population
Garrett Savage River SF Savage Ravines Warnick Run Big Savage Mountain Wildland 188 Expansion mature forest with scattered rock outcrops; habitat for an endangered plant, rare bird, 2 rare mammals, two rare dragonflies & a damselfly; reproducing brook trout population
Garrett Potomac-Garrett SF Upper WhiteRock Run (Compartment 49)   246 New isolated forested tract with many rock outcrops; habitat for the endangered green salamander, the rare Franz's cave amphipod and the threatened lily, yellow clintonia; habitat for FIDS
Garrett Savage River SF South Savage (Coleman Hollow) South Savage Wildland 145 Expansion largest stands of old growth forest; habitat for 2 rare plants, a rare land snail, 3 rare mammals & a sensitive reptile; a trophy trout fishing area