Proposd Wildlands, photo courtesy of Alan Ekert Photography

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Big Savage Mountain Garrett Expansion 2,691 188   2,879 mature forest with scattered rock outcrops; habitat for an endangered plant, rare bird, 2 rare mammals, two rare dragonflies & a damselfly; reproducing brook trout population
Cypress Swamp Wildland Worcester Expansion 1,784 306 2,090 part of an extensive bald cypress forest associated with the Pocomoke River; habitat for a number of rare plants, including the largest population of red bay

Pocomoke River Wildland

Poorhouse Branch

Bachelors Branch

Worcester Expansion 2,481 548 3,029 part of an extensive bald cypress swamp associated with the Pocomoke River; habitat for 4 rare plants, including the Seaside adler, the Long's bittercress & Catch-fly grass; part of a much larger FIDS habitat
Cunningham Falls State Park Wildland Frederick Expansion 3,452 948 4,400 a large forested tract in a highly populated area; an ecological & scenic buffer for the nearby Cat Rocks Natural Area; Little Hunting Creek supports a diverse assemblage of aquatic life, including the rare Southern pygmy clubtail & one of the few native brook trout populations
Potomac Bends Wildland Allegany Expansion 2,330 315 2,645 a rugged, remote area that contains some of the best scenic views in MD; shale barrens & steep ravines provide habitats for a number of rare & uncommon species
Mattawoman Wildland Charles Expansion 1,605 1,388 2,993 a large wetland complex containing diverse communities; habitat for a number of rare plants, including the American lotus and the Pale green orchid; supports a large colony of nesting Great Blue herons 
Soldiers Delight Wildland Baltimore Expansion 1,526 272 1,798 an extremely rare serpentine grassland ecosystem; habitat for 40 RTE species; an important geological area
Sideling Hill Wildland Allegany Expansion 922 633 1,555 steep headwater stream valleys surrounded by mature oak-hickory forest; habitat for 16 RTE species, including some globally rare aquatic life
Maple Run Wildland Allegany Expansion 2,760 2,365 5,125 a rare shale barren community; habitat for a long list of rare plants & animals, including butterflies like the Olympia marble-wing, plants like Kate's mountain clover and one of the rarest lizards in the eastern U.S., the coal skink; forested areas provide FIDS habitat
Deep Run Wildland Allegany Expansion 1,260 156 1,416 small additions to an existing wildland that will minimize the edge effects of an irregular boundary
Middle Fork Wildland Garrett Expansion 1,916 1,016 2,932 a large number of different forest associations, including old growth; excellent FIDS habitat; habitat for an endangered butterfly & threatened plant; watershed supports a population of reproducing brook trout
Savage Ravines Wildland Garrett Expansion 2,427 362 2,789 a minimally disturbed watershed; steep & rugged; habitate for 8 rare plants & 11 rare animals; reproducing brook trout population
Islands of the Potomac Wildland Montgomery Expansion 670 120 790 part of an extensive system of islands associated with the Potomac River; contain divers habitats and exhibit very little human disturbance
South Savage Wildland Garrett Expansion 1,934 145 2,079 largest stands of old growth forest; habitat for 2 rare plants, a rare land snail, 3 rare mammals & a sensitive reptile; a trophy trout fishing area
Janes Island Wildland


New   3,125 3,125 a salt marsh island with few signs of human disturbance; habitat for the world's largest population of Northeastern Beach tiger beetle
Parker's Creek Wildland Calvert New   1,756 1,756 habitat for numerous RTE species, including 4 globally-rare insects, including the Puritan Tiger beetle; recognized as an important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society
Zekiah Swamp Wildland Charles New   443 443 a high-quality wetland complex containing brackish tidal marsh, fresh tidal marsh, mudflats & forested tidal & non-tidal wetlands; habitat for several rare plants, including Long's bittercress & the Deciduous holly; recognized as an important Bird Area by the National Audubon society
Chapman Wildland Charles New   694 694 a combination of mature forest, non-tidal wetlands & shoreline; habitat for more than 20 rare species, including the Glade fern, Hitchcock's sedge & the Single-headed pussytoes; a FIDS breeding area
Dan's Mountain Wildland Allegany New   4,047 4,047 part of a multi-state Appalachian ridgeline; an important corridor for migratory birds, including the Golden Eagle; one of the largest contiguous forested tracts in MD; habitat for 15 rare species; a movement corridor for species with large ranges such as bears & bobcats  
Upper White Rock Run Wildland Garrett New   300 300 isolated forested tract with many rock outcrops; habitat for the endangered green salamander, the rare Franz's cave amphipod and the threatened lily, yellow clintonia; habitat for FIDS
Backbone Mountain Wildland Garrett New   1,706 1,706 Old Growth Forest; highest ridge in MD; habitat for 27 RTE species; Crabtree Creek has the highest brook trout density
Maple Lick Run Wildland Garrett New   600 600 a very remote & isolated area; extensive stand of Old Growth forest; thriving brook trout population; habitat for rare dragonfly & a rare plant-southern pygmy clubtail; a diverse salamander community
Puzzley Run Wildland Garrett New   457 457 an area of diverse forest & herbaceous communities; habitat for several rare plants, including the purple-fringed orchid, the American bugbane & the rose twisted stalk; aquatic habitat supports brook trout & several rare dragonflies
other existing Wildlands (not recommended for any changes)     16,021   16,021  
      43,779 21,890 65,669