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About DNR’S Mediation Program

  1. Workplace Mediation is separate from the filing of a grievance\Internal EEO\ADA Complaint; it does not preclude or should not interfere with an individual’s desire or right to file a grievance.
  2. The workplace mediation program is administered by the Office of Fair Practices.
  3. Twenty volunteer mediators have been trained to mediate workplace conflict cases.
  4. Referrals for mediation can be made by any DNR employee. Formal requests for mediation will only be made with the knowledge and approval of the disputants.
  5. Once the referral is received by the Office of Fair Practices, all information is confidential.
  6. More than one mediator may be assigned to help resolve a conflict.
  7. An intake process will arrange for a voluntary mediation, in conjunction with the conflicting parties, setting a date, time, and place.
  8. The mediation session will be held.
  9. If an agreement is reached it will be written during the closing of the session.
  10. A final agreement will be given to the parties to sign.
  11. Follow-up evaluation will be done by the intake office to monitor the program.
  12. Any notes taken during the mediation process will be destroyed.
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