Land Trust Roundtables

Permanence and Viability Series

Maryland Environmental Trust’s current Land Trust Roundtable series focuses on addressing big issues around permanence and viability of easements. The series includes Roundtables on renewable energy development on protected and working lands; title trails; exploring ecosystem services on private lands; and the Chesapeake Bay Land Change Model.

Tues., March 27, 2018
Join Maryland Environmental Trust for the next Land Trust Roundtable on Tues., March 27. The Roundtable will focus discussion on new modeling that simulates future land use conditions to inform the next phase of water quality restoration through 2025 and beyond.

Peter Claggett, USGS (CBP Land Use Workgroup Coordinator) will share more about the new model and the work being done to develop future land use scenarios that consider land conservation actions. This work sets the stage for recognizing land conservation and land use planning activities as Best Management Practices to help meet Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) pollution reduction requirements, and more importantly, to maintain those reductions in perpetuity as the Bay region continues to grow and develop.

The Chesapeake Conservation Partnership will share drafts of their efforts to date to map values, threats, and opportunities—including land trust capacity—with land trusts, discuss the implications for your work on the ground, and hear your questions and feedback. Also, the Department of Natural Resources will share a draft of their efforts to date to map land protection scenarios that state conservation partners are considering.

Come learn from the experts on how the work of Maryland land trusts and conservation partners can figure into the latest iteration of plans to restore cleaner water across the Bay watershed.

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