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B&W illustration of wood duck nest box

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Spotlight on Volunteers

2014 MWDI 10th Annual Lumber Cut Day photo collage

On Feb 3rd at the Millington WMA office in Massey, MWDI volunteers John Chew, Andrew Deitz, JJ Fegan, John Notarangelo and Cliff Brown joined MD DNR's Josh Homyack, Mark Hooper, Rick Walls, Hutch Waldbridge and Joe Harris cut approximately 140 wood duck box kits and 12 bluebird box kits. Volunteer Aaron Ward also cut and fabricated another 35 boxes.

On February 4th, John Chew also helped Cliff cut metal poles, form predator guards into cones and prepare 2x4 mating stubs for MWDI's 2014 program. Tawes School took delivery of uncut cypress to fabricate another 25 boxes which will be sold this fall.

Approximately 75 predator guards were also obtained and delivered on behalf of the Maryland Waterfowlers Association and additional supplies are available for $15 each.

Aaron and Tawes have about 10 assembled wood duck boxes left for sale. Contact for guards and boxes or Aaron Ward ( if in the Cambridge / Salisbury region.

Many thanks to this dedicated crew for helping MWDI and several private nesting programs for obtaining these very cost effective supplies.

An extra special thanks is due the Chesapeake Chapter of the Safari Club for their continued generous support of MWDI's annual wood purchases.

Additional help was also provided by Dupont (Chesapeake Farms - Kent Co) and The First and Franklin Presbyterian Church Alternative Christmas show.

MWDI's kits will be used at several youth oriented assembly events including 2 scout projects, The Northern Chesapeake Sportsmen for Kids event, Md DNR's Hunting & Fishing Day and by the Maret School (Washington, DC) at their community service day.

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