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Debbie Holt

DNR At Work

Tell me about the nature of your responsibilities with DNR’s Engineering & Construction unit.
I provide administrative support for Engineering & Construction. A lot of what I do involves bidding out and processing the maintenance and construction projects that we do to maintain the buildings and roads, as well as beach replenishment projects at Assateague and Ocean City.

What is the most important point you would try to relate to the general public about preserving our state’s resources?
To provide future generations with well-maintained facilities and balanced environmental and construction practices. This is more than just repairing DNR facilities – buildings, parking areas and piers – but also shore erosion control projects, and beach grass and dune stabilization projects in Ocean City.

What are your greatest concerns regarding the future of Maryland’s natural resources?
That people are aware of their existence and provide proper management and funding to always maintain Maryland’s great vast resources.

Your favorite spot – the one you go to “to get away from it all?”
I go to the stable where I board my horse, Soldier, an Appaloosa that I’ve had for 10 years now. The stables are located on a waterfront farm on Kent Island, where I’m fortunate enough to be able to ride him through old fields and wood lots. I enjoy the time to myself; my husband doesn’t care much for horses – he’s more interested in horsepower of the four-wheeled sort.

Tell me about the last book you read…
It was Horse People by Michael Korda. The author wrote of his experiences with other “horse people”, including some very unique personalities he encountered over the years.

What are the projects, experiences or accomplishments here at DNR that are the most memorable, or from which you take the most pride?
I like being involved in the projects and process to improve and upgrade DNR’s physical plant. This includes building renovations, site and area improvements, utilities and facility upgrades.

Any last thoughts, ideas or comments you’d like to include?
One program I was particularly proud to be involved in was the seasonal tech program. Seasonal employees would be hired for the off-season, primarily the fall and winter months, to do repairs in the parks. These employees would come in to redo campsites and picnic areas, and take care of other often overlooked jobs in the parks. Kind of “dress up” the parks, level the camping pads and that sort of thing. When our customers would return in the spring and summer months, they’d see and enjoy the great detail and care put into preparing the parks in the off season.

Debbie Holt began working for DNR in 1977 as a Secretary with the Park Service. Debbie was born in Takoma Park, Maryland and lives in Stevensville with her husband Steve.
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