Can you imagine a Maryland without a state forest or park? You donít have to go that far back because a little less than one hundred years ago was such a time. That all changed in 1906 when two brothers, John and Robert Garrett, donated 1,917 acres of forest lands in Garrett County to the State of Maryland.

This tract of land is known today as Garrett State Forest, Marylandís first state forest. As a result of the Garrett brothers donation, the Maryland Forest Service was founded, which has evolved today into two sister agencies: the Maryland Forest Service and the State Forest and Park Service, both administered by the Department of Natural Resources.

"Project 2006" is an undertaking to commemorate the accomplishments of the two agencies over the past century. One aspect of the project involves cataloguing the lantern slides of Fred Besley, Marylandís first State Forester, several of which are displayed here. The complete collection will be unveiled in 2006 in conjunction with the 100th anniversary celebration.

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