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Welcome to the official website of the Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP)

The NRP Mission

Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP)
Core Values

NRP personnel will be committed to the following core values to guide their conduct:

  1. INTEGRITY - Employees shall:
    1. Uphold the public trust by being honest.
    2. Maintain the highest standards of ethical and moral character.
    3. Obey all laws.

  2. COURTESY - Employees shall:
    1. Treat everyone with respect and dignity and in an unbiased manner.
    2. Refrain from responses of uncontrolled anger when dealing with a citizen, an NRP employee, or others.
    3. Protect constitutional rights through impartial enforcement of the law.

  3. DEDICATION - Employees shall:
    1. Provide dedicated and compassionate assistance to citizens.
    2. Promote leadership, cooperation and assistance to the NRP and its employees.
    3. Aspire to improve service, the quality of life and partnership with the community.
    4. Obey NRP rules, regulations and procedures.

  4. PROFESSIONALISM - Employees shall:

    1. Present a neat, clean, and professional appearance.
    2. Perform duties in an accurate and timely manner.
    3. Utilize appropriate and respectful language when dealing with citizens, NRP employees, or others.
    4. Never use unnecessary force or violence.
    5. Furnish name, identification number and duty assignment to any person properly entitled to this information.
    6. Obey all lawful orders.

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