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People from the work place and scales of JusticePrimary Functions

The following is a list of the primary functions of the DNR Office of Fair Practices:

  • Implement Equal Employment Opportunity Programs within the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, under applicable fair practices codes, procedures, regulations, and laws;
  • Identify and work toward elimination of any impediments to equal opportunity;
  • Monitor agency personnel-transactions for fair practices compliance, from recruitment stage to hiring of applicants, promotions, terminations, disciplinary actions, and reclassifications;
  • Provide and coordinate pro-active equal employment opportunity training for all Maryland Department of Natural Resources employees;
  • Provide equal employment opportunity counseling and referral services, as well as an effective internal-mechanism for the filing, prompt-investigation, and resolution of discrimination complaints;
  • Provide special technical assistance on equal opportunity issues to Unit Supervisors and Managers;
  • Coordinate fair practices reviews conducted by federal agencies, in accordance with grant-audit procedures;
  • Prepare Annual EEO Reports for the Statewide EEO Coordinator-DBM, EEOP Plans for federal agencies granting DNR federal assistance;
  • Recommend DNR-agency-internal fair practices policies, consistent with applicable codes, procedures, regulations, and civil rights laws;
  • Respond timely on behalf of the agency to external-employment discrimination complaints filed with the MD Human Relations Commission or the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission;
  • Provide Mediation/Dispute Resolution services for discrimination complaints;
  • Work to encourage and effectuate greater DNR agency workforce-diversity and employee-consciousness of different cultural, ethnic, religious, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, and other groups represented within DNR organization;
  • Participate within special advisory committees such as the MD Association of Equal Opportunity Officers (MAEOP) and the MD EEO Advisory Council, which exist to support fair practices; and
  • Monitor and assure compliance for DNR employees under the ADA, update Transition Plans assuring accessibility of DNR Parks, Buildings, and Facilities.
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