St. Mary's State Park Quest


Lotta Lake Learnin’

Introduction to the Quest

Kayaking at St. Mary's River lakeJoin us for the 10th Anniversary of Park Quest, this year we look back and revisit the St. Mary’s River Lake area. You can complete this Quest by land or by "sea." Starting at the main parking lot, you can hike or bike along the St. Mary’s Loop Trail looking for posts to answer questions related to St. Mary’s Lake. You can also launch your own canoe or kayak and paddle the shoreline looking for these same posts. After finding all the posts, unscramble the letters to assist with finding your final answer on the worksheet.

Quest Instructions

Print and bring your question sheet with you to St. Mary’s River State Park. The sheet will have multiple choice questions related to the abundant nature and history of the Lake and the Park. While hiking, biking, or paddling, you will see posts along the shoreline with a number and a letter; the number will correspond to the question and the letter will be the answer to the multiple choice question. Unscramble the letters of the answers to reveal the answer to the final question to find the code to open the lock to the stamp and ink pad.

This Quest can be completed by hiking, biking, or paddling. No bicycles or boats are available for rent; you will need to provide your own.

St. Mary’s Lake is a manmade lake with a large earthen dam. When paddling, be cautious of submerged or partially submerged trees and please keep at leave 100 feet from the concrete riser located near the dam. Also, check for local weather alerts related to strong winds as paddling may be difficult and is not advised when a small craft warning is in effect. When hiking or biking, please use caution as trees may be across the trail and the trail does cross several small creeks.

Park Information

Situated at the northern end of the St. Mary's River watershed, the park shows a wide range of habitats, from wooded acres and fields to swamps and small streams. With such a diversity, you can also find many different types of plant and animal species. The Park is separated into two areas, Sites 1 and 2. The Site 1 area holds the 250 acre St. Mary's Lake. Located along Maryland Route 5, between Leonardtown and Great Mills, at the end of Camp Cosoma Road, the area has become a popular freshwater fishing spot. A 7.5 mile trail circles the lake, allowing the area to be fished from shore or by boat (electric motor only). The trail is regularly used for hiking, biking and horseback riding. The Site 1 area has been improved by a modern comfort station, picnic tables, playground, boat launch ramps and a large, gravel parking lot. Picnicking is permitted but tables are limited. Pets are allowed in the state park.

St. Mary's River State Park
21250 Camp Cosoma Road
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Directions to St. Mary's River State Park

​​​​​​​From Leonardtown, Maryland, travel south along Maryland Route 5 for 7.5 miles. Turn left onto Camp Cosoma Road and follow to the end.

From the south, travel along Maryland Route 5 for 24 miles from Point Lookout State Park or 3 miles from Great Mills. Turn right onto Camp Cosoma Road and follow to the end.