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The Chesapeake Bay and its watershed are constantly changing.

Change is both a natural and a manmade process.

Some change takes place slowly over thousands of years such as the wearing down of the Appalachian Mountains.

Often change occurs rapidly as a hurricane scours the shoreline with high winds and tides.

People living and working around the Bay and enjoying its natural beauty and bounty also have a great impact.

Over thousands of years, we have changed the way we use the Bay.

More importantly, we changed the way we use the land that surrounds the Bay and its tributaries.

This time tunnel examines these changes.

The exhibit has two main themes which are reflected in each of the five time periods.

One theme is the impact of technological advancements on our land and water resources.

The second theme links the population growth to many of the changes occurring in the watershed.

Much of the evidence for these changes is found in archaeological and historical records.

By looking at the remnants of the past, we learn how our ancestors used the Chesapeake, its land and its living resources.

We are then prepared to look at our current culture, study its impacts and find soultions that not only improve the Bay, but our quality of life as well.

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[Time Tunnel picture.][Time Tunnel picture.]

[Time Tunnel picture.]

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