Location: Baltimore County within the town of Dundalk, Maryland. North Point State Battlefield is located at the 2880 block of North Point Road, near the intersection of North Point Road and Trappe Road in Dundalk.

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North Point State Battlefield
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Note: this is the mailing address of the State Battlefield's administrative headquarters, not the street address of the State Battlefield itself.

Driving Directions: Take I-695, the Baltimore Beltway, to Exit 41, Cove Road. Take Cove Road south in the direction of Dundalk. After crossing North Point Boulevard (MD 151) at a street light, Cove Road turns into North Point Road and bears right. The entrance to North Point State Battlefield will be on the right, just beyond the intersection of North Point road and Trappe Road.

Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. to sunset

Pet Policy: Pets on a leash are allowed at North Point State Battlefield

Hunting Policy: No Hunting

North Point State Battlefield

Entrance sign to North Point State Battlefield 
North Point State Battlefield preserves nine acres of open land which represent the last undeveloped parcel from the site of the Battle of North Point, a turning point in the Defense of Baltimore during the War of 1812. On September 12, 1814, 3,000 citizen soldiers of the Maryland militia deployed across this field and fought invading British regulars from behind a fence line along its eastern edge. American Brigadier General Stricker, the hero of North Point, commanded his forces from within the borders of the State Battlefield.

About the Battle of North Point

Coming immediately after a demoralizing American defeat at the Battle of Bladensburg and the subsequent burning by the British of the White House and other public buildings of Washington D.C., the tough resistance offered by Stricker's citizen soldiers at the Battle of North Point restored American morale. Though the British dislodged the Maryland troops from their position and thus won the Battle, the determined stand made by Stricker's Maryland militiamen against a superior force of 4,000 professional British soldiers, marines and seamen reinvigorated Americans' faith in the fighting spirit of their part-time army of citizen soldiers. Along with the successful resistance of Fort McHenry against a British bombardment from sea over the next two days, the sharp fight at North Point demonstrated to the British that even after the loss of their national capital, America would not be easily subdued by force of arms.

From that day to this, the anniversary of the battle has been celebrated as Defender’s Day, a Maryland State Holiday honoring those who risked their lives in America’s defense during our ‘Second War of Independence.’

A Commemorative Landscape

The State Battlefield's landscape--open meadows on the east side, a copse of woods in the west, separated by a straight "battle line" walk, evokes the terrain experienced by the soldiers and sailors of 1814. Newly-seeded wildflower meadows symbolize the pastures over which the British had to march, without cover or concealment. The open stand of trees symbolizes the woodlands in which the Americans took cover to oppose them. The straight walkway evokes the lines of battle in which the soldiers stood and fought, massing their fire to give them the best possible chance of hitting the enemy with the deadly but often inaccurate lead shot fired by their muskets.

The State Battlefield's design also includes several eco-friendly features. Wetlands, permeable parking and trail surfaces, and water gardens absorb and filter storm runoff. Boardwalks provide passage over environmentally sensitive areas. The "grow not mow” wildflower meadows not only commemorate the rural landscape of 1814, they also provide a haven for migratory birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

State Battlefield Amenities

North Point State Battlefield is a commemorative landscape dedicated to the memory of those who fought on this ground. As a memorial, it does not include picnic areas or comfort stations.

Visitors seeking picnicking, hiking, fishing, and other recreational opportunities are encouraged to visit North Point State Park, which is located 8 miles east of the State Battlefield in Edgemere, Maryland. There you can also visit the Takos Visitor Center, where you can learn more about the Battle of North Point, the rise and fall of the Bay Shore Amusement Park (1906-1947) and other aspects of North Point peninsula’s rich history through displays, artifacts and interactive media.

North Point State Park is open year-round from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. The Takos Visitor Center is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day only, Wednesday-Sunday, 11 a.m to 4 p.m.​

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