Assateague State Park Campground Improvement Project

​​dune damage at Assateague State ParkMaryland Department of Natural Resources and the Maryland Park Service have been studying the stability of the dunes at Assateague State Park over many years. In response to numerous natural factors as well as measured effects of climate change including mid-Atlantic coastal sea level rise, Assateague State Park has undertaken a plan to increase resilience to coastal storm events. This project will provide for anticipated dune migration and add to dune stabilization while maintaining a safe and enjoyable camping experience for visitors and protection of infrastructure and facilities.

Phase I
Phase I of the Assateague Campground Improvement Project will include the relocation of five campground loop roads, shifting them 20 to 100 feet westward away from the primary dune; loops affected are: C, D, E, F, G, and H. Work will include the relocation or elimination of several campsites located at the eastern-most part of the loop. This strategy will allow space for migration of the dune westward while still maintaining access to each camping loop. In addition, the plan calls for the creation of a small number of more primitive, walk-in style campsites on the southern portion of the current J Loop camping area with a small parking lot adjacent to Bathhouse #9. The total number of campsites will be 342.

Phase II
Phase II of the Assateague Campground Improvement Project will include stabilization and reinforcement of the current dune system through the addition of sand to the western side of the dune. This will broaden the dune and create a more stable and resilient profile that has been developed from an analysis of historical data on tides, waves, and storm surges. Additional measures include renovations of crossovers, planting of stabilizing dune grasses, and installation of dune fencing on the west side. These measures are an effort to add stability and strength to the current dunes and provide protection from higher than average tides, intense storms, and storm surges.

ASP_noreaster.JPGPhase I of the project is scheduled for fall of 2017 to be completed prior to the 2018 camping season. Phase II is currently scheduled to take place in the fall of 2018. Changes in campground configuration will impact reservations being made for the 2018 camping season as the names and numbers of many of the camping loops will be changing. Please refer to the additional information provided for maps of the campground layout and the new campground letter/numbering system.

Please continue to monitor our Assateague State Park website for further updates. We appreciate the patience of all of our campers and your interest in this project. We are dedicated to providing a high quality camping experience on Assateague Island for many years to come.