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Photo of Stoney Demonstration Forest
Stoney Demonstration Forest
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History Stony Demonstration Forest was acquired by the State of Maryland on November 25, 1981. The property is the remnant of the once-extensive timberlands (2,000 acres) owned by Mr. Sydney Peverly. The property was managed by the DNR Forest Service from acquisition until 1996 when management was transferred to the DNR Park Service. In August of 2005, the property was transferred back to the DNR Forest Service for management.

In general, the forest was established approximately 90 years ago when agricultural land was abandoned and allowed to revert back to a forested condition. The woodland has a history of being managed for commercial timber production, with numerous timber sales occurring in the 1980ís.

Forest Management
Stoney Demonstration Forest consists of 317.87 acres of hardwood forest located on the north side of Nova Scotia Road between Tower Road and the Cullum Road in the Creswell area of Harford County, Maryland.

The Stoney Forest property boundary lines will be maintained and remarked every five years, or as needed to ensure that the boundaries of Stoney Forest are clearly visible from neighboring properties. The boundary line markings shall conform with the DNR standards for property line marking.

The Forest shall continue to serve as an educational resource where a variety of silvicultural practices, forest best management practices, and wildlife habitat management practices can be implemented and studied by school groups, landowners and other interested individuals.

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Stoney Demo Forest Management Plan

The main objectives are:

  • To use scientific forest management techniques to demonstrate the integration of the multiple uses of the forest land of Stoney Demonstration Forest
  • To include the production of commercial forest products
  • The enhancements of wildlife habitat
  • The protection of soil and water resources
  • The maintenance as a forest recreation site in Harford County, Maryland

photo of tall trees in Mesic deciduous forestForest Road Management
The 2 mile network of improved forest roads on Stoney Forest will be maintained for recreational and emergency access and to prevent soil erosion. All culverts, bridges, fords, water bars and other BMPs will be periodically inspected and maintained in a functional condition. The shoulders of all maintained roads will be mowed annually in the fall to prevent encroachment of trees and shrubs and to maintain access.

Deadfall trees will also be removed as soon as possible to maintain access. Following each timber harvest, the roads will be dressed and returned to a suitable condition. The application of additional stone and grading should be performed as needed to maintain a suitable road surface.

Hunting and Wildlife Management
Public hunting on Stoney Forest is permitted during the legal hunting seasons with bow, muzzleloader, and shotgun. A free permit is required and is available from the DNR Wildlife and Heritage Serviceís Gwynnbrook Managed Hunt Permit office. Hunting is available for furbearers, forest game, upland game and deer, in accordance with the current hunting laws and regulations of Maryland. It is recommended to continue to maintain the public hunting opportunities on Stoney Forest. Care should be provided to coordinate non-hunting recreational opportunities during non-hunting season if possible.

Area Hunting Regulations

  • Access to Stoney Demonstration Forest is restricted from September 1 through February 15 for the hunting season for seasonal permit holders with daily reservations (except on Sundays).
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed.
  • Horseback riding is prohibited.
  • Use of rifles is prohibited.

Leave No Trace
Stoney Demonstration Forest is Trash Free. Read more about Leave No Trace.

Stoney Demonstration Forest is located west of Aberdeen and east of Bel Air, Maryland. Public access to this area is off of Maryland State Route 543. The parking lot for this area is located on the north side of Nova Scotia Road between Tower Road and the Cullum Road in the Creswell area of Harford County, Maryland.

For additional information or seasonal permits, contact the Gwynnbrook Wildlife and Heritage Service Office at 410-356-9272.

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