Maryland DNR is proud to present the StreamHealth interactive web site. Learn more about the Maryland Biological Stream Survey, receive an overview on the health of Maryland's waters, and check out a map that contains an incredible amount of data. This collaboration between DNR, the Department of the Environment, and the Governor's office is a valuable teaching resource for all the citizens of Maryland.

Maryland StreamHealth Website

Because the Monitoring and Non-Tidal Assessment Division works all over the state, maps are a good tool to illustrate the data we collect. A variety of projects use maps to plan out sampling areas. Choose a map from the drop down to display it. Clicking a static map will open a larger version. Interactive maps may take longer to load, so consider your connection speed when choosing one to view.

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  • American Eel

American Eels

The American Eel (Anguilla rostrata) is a slender snakelike migratory fish that is very important to the stream ecosystems in Maryland.

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