State Government in Action

State agencies will be showcased for the ongoing work they are completing as we change the way we do business and become more efficient through sustainability efforts. Projects will be identified and where applicable contain the address and contact information so they can be viewed in person.

Shade for Parking and Much More

The Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) student parking lot is now home to an impressive structure of large metal beams that support solar panels, which doubles as a covering for multiple rows of parking. On rainy, hot and snowy days these spots become one of the first places students tend to park. The solar panels mounted on the structure provide 5% of the power for the entire campus to operate.  Read more...

Park Equity Analysis Mapping Tool

DNR’s Office of Sustainability proudly invites you to check out its latest mapping tool: the “Park Equity Analysis” mapper! This tool has been designed to help guide the decision-making of citizens and policymakers by providing access to statewide data on local community access to public parks and green spaces. Click here to view the “Park Equity Analysis” mapping tool and see how your community scores. Maps work best in a Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome browser.

Grant Opportunities

Maryland state agencies offering grants can be found in the Red Book. Review the red book online and search for grants by topic or project type. The Carter Library and Information Research Center at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers a list of grant opportunities. Also check out opportunities the Governor's Grants Office has to offer.

Maryland Publications

Various publications prepared by the state will be featured here and archived on a monthly basis. This spot will feature different interests every month.

Current Feature:
Going Green Downtown - A Sustainability Guide For Maryland's Main Streets

From Oakland to Ocean City, Maryland’s citizens share the same goal of living in healthy, vibrant communities where they can live, work and prosper. As a result, communities have a major investment in the infrastructure — streetscapes, schools, water/sewer lines — of their traditional downtowns and neighborhoods. These communities are also faced with the challenges of the coming decades including an increasing population, rising energy costs, limited resources, water and air pollution, and climate change.

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Locate Services by State Agency

Visit the website to learn about all of the different services the State of Maryland offers. The link below is organized by category and highlights the services offered. The site also lists other ideas and contact information.

Chesapeake Bay Health Information Maryland's Green Website

Sustainability Tip

Install a rain garden or rain barrel to catch rainwater. Stormwater rushing off of roofs and lawns carries pollution directly into streams and the Bay. Rain gardens and rain barrels slow the water down and keep pollution out of our waters. Click here for other helpful information.

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The Sustainability Network is a place where interested citizens, businesses and organizations can share ideas on projects and make connections between others who share their interest.