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Professional Development

CBNERR-MD offers Teacher Professional Development opportunities in Bay issues including land use, data collection, using and understanding data, citizen science, and more. Through hands-on, field-based investigations teachers have the opportunity to gather authentic data on land use, water quality, biotic communities and other parameters, analyze that data, and ultimately use this information to develop action projects that will have a positive impact on the natural systems of the Chesapeake Bay. Most courses are geared toward a middle and high school audience.

Summer Professional Worshops
For Teachers

For Teachers

Our goal is to help you bring science to life for you and your students through the use of authentic research and data collected in your regional estuary. Numerous field based, standard aligned programs are offered throughout the Reserve’s components and can be modified to meet the needs of your students.

For Students

For Students

Estuaries are an incredible resource for learning about the environment and the way in which humans influence that environment. Looking for data for an assignment, research project, an enriching summer experience, internships or future career ideas? CBNERR-MD and the NERRS are excellent places to start.

For Everyone

For Everyone

In addition to being valuable habitat for endangered species and vital sites for research within the Chesapeake Bay, our components are also great recreational and informal education destinations. Come learn more about estuaries and enjoy the views by visiting us today.


Estuaries 101:Middle School

Esturaries 101:High School

Science and Data

Bay Back Pack

National Geographic Fieldscope

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