Profile of the Anacostia River Watershed

Watershed Profile
A profile of the geography, ecosystem condition, industry, planning resources and watershed management activities in this watershed. The profiles contain data gathered by various federal and state agencies. The information from the Watershed Profiles can be used for planning purposes, environmental assessments, or for monitoring wetland regulatory activity.

Documents at DNR
Lists documents related to this watershed that are held at the Information Resource Center (IRC) at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

MDE's Online Wetlands Bibliography
A listing of many of the documents located at MDE. These documents include biological references, journals, scientific studies, conference proceedings, and waterway project information. the database for documents related to the Anacostia River watershed. See the User's Guide for more information on using the bibliography.

Conservation, Restoration, and Monitoring Projects -under construction!
Provides information about various conservation, restoration, and monitoring projects in this watershed.

Watershed Organizations -under construction!
Provides information about various organizations active in the protection and restoration of this watershed.

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