Manokin Stream
Corridor Assessment Survey

In order to develop a WRAS for the Manokin River, an overall assessment of the environmental conditions within the watershed is needed. This initial assessment is being accomplished using two approaches. First, a watershed characterization was done that compiles and analyzes existing water quality, land use, and living resources data about the Manokin River Watershed. The “Manokin River Watershed Characterization,” was finalized in May 2001 and a copy can be found on DNR’s web site at While the watershed characterization provides good overall information on environmental conditions within the Manokin Watershed, for the most part, information on the location of specific environmental problems is limited. To provide specific information on the location of environmental problems and restoration opportunities, a Stream Corridor Assessment (SCA) survey of the Manokin River Watershed was also done.

The Stream Corridor Assessment survey is a new survey that has been developed by DNR’s Watershed Restoration Division as a watershed management tool to identify environmental problems and helps prioritize restoration opportunities on a watershed basis. As part of the survey, specially trained personnel walk the watershed’s entire stream network and record information on a variety of environmental problems that can be easily observed within the stream corridor. The SCA survey was done over a 3-month period from April through June 2001.

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