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Watershed Projects

Provides information about various conservation, restoration, and monitoring projects in Maryland's watersheds.

Watershed Restoration Action Strategies (WRASs)
Access Watershed Restoration Action Strategies, or watershed plans, that identify priorities, opportunities, concerns, challenges, potential mitigation, restoration, and protection sites. They result in measurable, natural resource management objectives and specific actions that would, if implemented, restore habitat and water quality. Find out more about this program on the WRAS Homepage.

BMP Implementation Tracking Reports
These reports provide tributary specific information regarding implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs). This information is used to help measure Maryland's progress in reducing non-point source pollution and meeting the goals of the Chesapeake Bay 2000 agreement. As a result, this information provides the foundation for assessing Maryland's commitment to improve habitat, water quality, and the overall health of the Chesapeake Bay.

A User's Guide to Watershed Planning in Maryland
A Userís Guide to Watershed Planning in Maryland presents a common watershed planning framework for Maryland communities, assembles planning resources into one place, integrates regulatory drivers, and presents the methods necessary for completing a local watershed plan. Local government staff are the primary audience for this guide. Other groups writing watershed plans in Maryland such as watershed organizations are also encouraged to utilize this framework.

Other projects
More projects will be added in the future!

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Updated on February 21, 2006