Western Branch
Watershed Restoration Action Strategies

The final component in the Clean Water Action Plan (CWAP) is the development of Watershed Restoration Action Strategies (WRAS) for watersheds in need of restoration or protection. A WRAS is a comprehensive restoration strategy that addresses all aspects of watershed condition and water quality. The WRAS is led by the local government, in partnership with the State, and encourages public participation in the strategy development and implementation. In 2003, Prince George’s County and the City of Bowie entered into a cooperative agreement with Maryland Department of Natural Resources, to develop WRAS for the Western Branch. The cooperative agreement provided the County and the City with an avenue to apply for and receive grant monies to assist in watershed assessment and planning, receive technical assistance from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and develop the watershed restoration action strategy.

Separate strategies were submitted by the City of Bowie and Prince George's County

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City of Bowie Strategy

Prince George's County Strategy

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Updated on April 20, 2005