Deer in Spring Landscape

Habitat for Wildlife: Conservation Options for Landowners

There are many conservation programs available to Maryland landowners. Use this list to help you figure out which program is right for your land.


Selling or donating a conservation easement means permanent relinquishing of some or all development rights, which may result in tax benefits. Easements can be used to protect both agricultural and wild lands.

If you are interested in an easement, please contact the Maryland Environmental Trust. There are numerous national, state and local land trusts that provide easements, and navigating through them all can be confusing. MET will be able to refer you to the appropriate organization.

Habitat Conservation/Restoration

These agencies provide non-permanent programs that can improve habitat, such as tree planting and harvesting, meadow maintenance, wetland restoration, etc.

Backyard Habitat Advice

For those interested in smaller scale projects, such as attracting backyard wildlife, gardening, bayscaping, etc.

Shoreline Erosion/Waterway Issues

For more information, please contact:

Bradley Kennedy,