Deer in Spring Landscape

Deer in Maryland

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Deer Project is responsible for managing native white-tailed deer and exotic sika deer. The Deer Project utilizes broad-based deer management techniques to meet their diverse goals, which are:

  • to ensure the present and future well-being of deer and their habitat;
  • maintain deer populations at levels necessary to ensure compatibility with human land uses and natural communities;
  • encourage and promote the recreational use and enjoyment of the deer resource;
  • and inform and educate Maryland citizens concerning deer biology, management options, and the impacts that deer have on landscapes and people.
  • During the last couple of decades, the primary focus of the Deer Project has been to slow a rapidly growing deer population. While hunting remains the most cost-effective and efficient population control mechanism available in most Maryland landscapes, continued urbanization has necessitated the development and use of non-lethal techniques where hunting is not practical or acceptable. Therefore, the Deer Project employs a blend of hunting-related deer management methods and proven non-lethal deer management techniques to manage deer.

    2013-2014 Deer Project Annual Report

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    Hunting in America is Big Business

    The Animal Use Issues Committee of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA) recently released  "Hunting in America is big business," a report that cites the latest figures on the economic contributions that hunters make to the US economy.  According to the report, generating more than $67 billion in economic output and more than one million jobs in the United States."  On average, each hunter spends an estimated $1,896 per year to pursue their passion. For a free copy of the report contact the IAFWA at 202-624-7890 of click here.