Photo of Duck Hunter at Sunset courtesy of Larry Hindman - Wildlife & Heritage Service

Mute Swans in Maryland

  • Mute Swan Management Plan for Maryland - April 2011

  • Code of Maryland Regulations for the Possession and Trade of Captive Mute Swans

  • Chesapeake Bay Mute Swan Management Plan, 2005

  • Maryland Mute Swan Management Plan - April 2003

  • Mute Swan Task Force Report

  • 2008 Atlantic Flyway Mid Summer Mute Swan Survey

  • Mute Swans’ Impact on Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Chesapeake Bay
    Journal of Wildlife Management 2007

  • Monitoring Habitat Use by Male Mute Swans in the Chesapeake Bay
    Proceedings of Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

  • Predictive Modeling for Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) Decline Due to Mute Swans in the Chesapeake Bay
    Proceedings of the 20th Trumpeter Swan Society Conference 2005

  • Mute Swan Population Dynamics
    Using a stochastic model to examine the ecological, economic and ethical consequences of population control in a charismatic invasive species: mute swans in North America. - Journal of Applied Ecology 2007

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