Deer Damage Management Techniques

Deer Cooperators

Deer Cooperators are businesses that provide deer control assistance. They are licensed by DNR to use non-lethal and lethal deer management techniques to help resolve deer problems.

Community consensus and DNR approval is required before a community can use the services of a Deer Cooperator.

The Urban Deer Biologist can be contacted at 301-432-4307 and can supply communities with a list of Deer Cooperators, which they can contract to help resolve deer problems.

Additional Information

For more information on this topic and the services that can be provided, contact:

George Timko, Assistant Deer Project Leader
Maryland DNR, Wildlife & Heritage Service
Washington Monument State Park
6620 Zittlestown Road
Middletown, MD 21769
301-432-4307 (Phone and Fax)

Maryland Deer Damage Management Techniques