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Field Guide to Maryland's Frogs and Toads (Order Anura)

True Toads (Family Bufonidae)

True toads have thick, dry, warty skin and have enlarged, warty glands in the shoulder region called parotoid glands. Unlike most frogs, true toads tend to produce short hops to escape danger rather than long leaps (Conant and Collins 1998).

There are only two species of true toads found in Maryland. They include the eastern American toad (Anaxyrus americanus americanus) and the Fowler’s toad (Anaxyrus  fowleri).

The two species can be distinguished from each other based on the number of warts in each pigmented spot on the dorsum, the presence or absence of conspicuously enlarged warts on the tibia, spotting on the chest, and the amount of separation between the cranial crest and the parotoid glands (Conant and Collins 1998).

Frog and Toad Anatomy

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of each of the 2 true toads found in Maryland.


Common Name

Scientific Name

State Status

Eastern American Toad Eastern American Toad Anaxyrus americanus americanus  
Fowler’s Toad Fowler’s Toad Anaxyrus  fowleri  
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