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Field Guide to Maryland's Snakes (Order Squamata)

Sub-order Serpentes, Family Colubridae

Eastern Wormsnake
Carphophis a. amoenus

Eastern Worm Snake Adult Photos by Corey Wickliffe


7 - 11 inches. Record - 13 inches.


Looks like an earthworm.
Plain brown back and an unmarked pink belly.
The head is slightly flattened and somewhat pointed, and the tip of the tail ends in a sharp spine.
Scales are not keeled.

Eastern Worm Snake Adult Photos by Corey Wickliffe
Eastern Worm Snake Adult Photos courtesy of Corey Wickliffe


Any forested habitat with soil loose enough for burrowing. Also found in open fields and lawns.

How to Find

Look under coarse woody debris and within rotting logs, particularly in areas with moist, not wet, soil. Non-venomous. When handled they attempt to push their way between the fingers with their head or tail spine, but they do not bite.

Eastern Worm Snake Habitat Photo by Rebecca Chalmers
Eastern Worm Snake Habitat Photo courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers

Distribution in Maryland

Found statewide except for the Allegheny Plateau of western Maryland.

Maryland Distribution map for Eastern Worm Snake

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