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Field Guide to Maryland's Snakes (Order Squamata)

Sub-order Serpentes, Family Colubridae

Mole Kingsnake
Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata

Photo of Mole Kingsnake courtesy of John White
Photo of Mole Kingsnake courtesy of John White


30 inches – 40 inches. Record: 47 inches.


  • This smooth shiny snake (scales not keeled) is brown to olive above with reddish brown blotches on the back, which alternate with smaller blotches on the sides; although some individuals may
    have no spots at all.

  • The belly is yellow to yellow-brown, with the yellow tint traveling up the sides.

  • There may be indistinct spots on the belly.

  • The head is small, not distinct from the neck.

  • Photo of Habitat for Mole Kingsnake courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers

    Photo of Habitat for Mole Kingsnake
    courtesy of Rebecca Chalmers


    This is a subterranean species, preferring to live in other animals' burrows. It may also burrow in sandy or loamy soils.

    How to Find

    This is a nocturnal species. It usually only is seen above ground in plowed fields or after heavy rains. On a post-rainy evening, go out to open areas near woods. Look in rodent burrows or rotted tree roots. They may also be found crossing roads.

    Distribution in Maryland

    Found only on the western shore of the Coastal Plain and adjacent Piedmont counties.

    Maryland Distribution Map for Mole Kingsnake

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