CoastSmart Communities

CoastSmart Communities

CoastSmart Communities is a program dedicated to assisting Maryland’s coastal communities address short- and long-term coastal hazards, such as coastal flooding, storm surge, and sea level rise. CoastSmart connects local planners to essential information, tools, people, and trainings.

Maryland’s shorelines extend over 3,000 miles along the diverse landscapes of the Chesapeake Bay, the Coastal Bays, and the Atlantic Ocean. These landscapes are high susceptible to coastal storms, flooding, hurricanes, and are vulnerable to the long-term effects of a changing climate. These events are predicted to become more intense and more frequent in the future because of changes in sea level, temperature, wind and wave energy.

We recognize that the impacts of these hazards will be most intensely experienced at the local level; therefore require local action. CoastSmart is here to help local government prepare and increase resiliency for the next event.

CoastSmart provides:

  • CoastSmart Communities grant program
  • Training for local practitioners
  • Links to supportive information, tools, visualizations, and networks


Coastal flooding

CoastSmart Grant

The Department of Natural Resources has the lead role in advancing the scientific understanding of Maryland's vulnerability to climate change.​

Scorecard pdf Cover

CoastSmart Scorecard

Helps communities evaluate risk and vulnerability through a guided self- assessment; identifies steps for increasing resiliency.

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CoastSmart Resource Center

Links practitioners to helpful tools, videos, reports, trainings, websites, and other useful information.

Contact Information

Sasha Land
Chesapeake & Coastal Service
Maryland Department of Natural Resources
Tawes State Office Building E-2
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Phone 410-260-8718
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