E-Reporting Training Videos

A series of instructional videos is in production to provide an additional resource for self-training and to review the many different features the FACTSTM system offers for customizing your account. As additional authorization types are added to the program, new videos will be made available on this website.

1. NEW! E-Reporting with FACTSTM Training Video: Welcome to FACTSTM


What’s E-Reporting? An introduction to how E-Reporting with FACTSTM works, this video covers the basics for electronic reporting and the special FACTSTM account features. Tips include: Searching your Trip History, reading Messages, reviewing Quota Transfers and Updates, and viewing Documents in your account.​

2.  E-Reporting with FACTSTM Training Video:  Setting My Account Preferences​

Want to save time? This E-Reporting with FACTSTM video will show you how to customize your account preferences for the way you harvest Blue Crab and Finfish. Tips include: Saving your Contact Information, Vessels, Landing Locations, Gear Types, and Commonly Caught Species.

3. E-Reporting with FACTSTM Training Video:  Starting and Ending a Blue Crab Trip

Ready to go harvesting? Review how to send Start and End Hails for your Blue Crab harvest activity by watching this E-Reporting with FACTSTM training video. Tips include: Entering your Estimated Landing Time & Location, Revising your hail, accurate crew counts, entering harvest information, and catch disposition.

Be sure the check back for the latest releases in our E-Reporting with FACTSTM video series!

For more information about E-Reporting training videos, please contact Stephanie Richards, the E-Reporting Program Coordinator at FisheriesEReporting.DNR@maryland.gov or 410-260-8314.