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American Horseshoe Crab



​Stacy Epperson
Education Specialist
Aquatic Resource Education Dept
Chesapeake and Coastal Service
MD Department of Natural Resources
580 Taylor Ave., E-2
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-260-8775​


How You Can Help

horseshoe crab conservation


Identifying Spawning Habitat

Maryland DNR is seeking your help in identifying shoreline used as horseshoe crab spawning habitat in our State of Maryland. While fishing, if you notice horseshoe crabs spawning upon the shoreline, please document the location (GPS coordinates if possible). If you would like to participate, please contact Marek Topolski at (410) 260-8263 or by email at

Spawning Surveys

Currently, Maryland DNR is not seeking volunteers to conduct a horseshoe crab survey within the Chesapeake Bay. For anyone interested in finding out about our previous horseshoe crab spawning surveys contact survey coordinator Steve Doctor ( 410-643-4601) in the Fisheries Service.

However, the Maryland Coastal Bay Program in cooperation with Maryland DNR does conduct annual horseshoe crab spawning surveys in the coastal bays of Worcester County, MD. If you are interested in participating in this spring/summer survey, contact Carol Cain at the Maryland Coastal Bays Program (​